【1】 What a bloody nightmare!

My London life started with disaster.

My plane took off from Tokyo, it was an hour and a half late but at first I didn’t care much about it. I had breakfast at a restaurant and was excited to study and spend time in London.
The flight was good. I had to run to the connecting flight at Amsterdam but I could make it. I felt relieved.


I arrived at Heathrow Airport.
A Japanese man called my name at the baggage claim and said, “Your luggage was not on that flight and you have to fill in some documents. KLM airline will deliver it to your accommodation.” I thought the man might have been a driver who picked me up and took me to my residence by car.

I filled it in and the staff at the airport said,”You cannot have the luggage till next day.” “Oh, my god!” I said to myself. I was wondering what to do next.

When I finished filling it in,the driver was about to leave with another man.I ran after him but he scarpered and I missed him! “Why didn’t he say anything to me??? Maybe I should wait for him...” I said to myself.
I waited for an hour but he never came back even though I called the emergency number three times!

After all, the staff of language school said,”There are no more drivers today and you have to get to your residence by yourself.”and I said,”OK.” I didn’t mind too much because it meant I could hang about at the airport for my luggage to arrive. After that I figured out the way to central London. I also called to check with the airline staff about my luggage.

While I was searching on the internet, my Japanese client in London e-mailed me! I told her about today’s accident but I was still in the middle of a disaster. She was surprised and helped me! She recommended two ways to get to London,the tube or taxi.I chose the tube and bought a ticket before picking up my luggage.

Finally I got my luggage and I was about to set off. I let my client know I could get my luggage.


Client:OK! Anyway,did you get a Heathrow Express ticket?
I:No,I got a tube ticket.
C:What? I meant to say Heathrow Express.
I:Really? I’m gonna get a refund.

Then I went to the counter and tried to get a refund.

Staff:Why did you get it 45 minutes ago?
I:Because my plane was delayed and I had to wait 2 hours for my luggage.I bought it while I was waiting.”
S:We can’t get you a refund,love.
I:No way! I came here for the first time so I didn’t know...
S:No! You bought it 45 minutes ago.

I had to accept the situation but I wanted to cry! I tried to be calm and waited for my feelings to settle.

I decided to take a taxi after I calmed-down and my client booked a mini-cab.

Finally I set off from the airport and reported today’s accident to the Japanese agent by e-mail.I gradually let it go and finally I had arrived at the residence after 22 hours since I left my place in Tokyo.


Driver: Is this your place? 100% sure?
I:Yes.Thanks! Here you are.(I tipped him.)and Bob’s your uncle!
He smiled and I smiled.

My first very very long day was finally finished!

Episode 2 :Gobsmacked! ★My trip to London (English version)