【2】 Gobsmacked!

I took the tube on Monday morning. It runs every 1 minute. The hasty tube surprised this Tokyoite.

As soon as I got to the language school, I was asked about the accident that happened a day before by the staff and she explained the facts.

Staff: We don’t have any Japanese drivers. Our driver was waiting for 2 hours and repeated an announcement at the arrival lobby but I’m sorry you didn’t meet.

I was gobsmacked.

I: Really? Who was he??? OK. I was waiting at arrivals for 3 hours but nobody seemed to look for me and I couldn’t hear the announcement. But instead, I could pick up my luggage within that day. My client in London booked a mini-cab for me and I got to my residence around 11pm.

S: I understand. I’d like to know more about it in detail. Please send an email to us. Could you attach a bill to the email? We will pay you back.

“And Bob’s your uncle!” I said to myself.

My journey in London was quite hectic. I studied at school for 3 hours in the morning and then I did sightseeing around London till around 9:00 pm every day.

Besides, my client asked me to give a seminar in London and I did it at Ham Yard Hotel on Saturday and had also coaching sessions twice. Both the seminar and the sessions were smashing.

I spent a well-regulated life and went to a gym at my residence once. Luckily I used an umbrella only for an hour during my whole trip.

When I took a shower and washed my nose, I was yet again gobsmacked! “Gosh! What’s this flipping black stuff? Because I took the tube around?”

By the way, the Colombia flower market, the V&A museum, the National Gallery, the Hyde Park and Angel which were totally brill!

On the 10th day, I went to a lovely town, Angel. I finally found some presents for my family. It was difficult for me to find them because, to be honest, I wasn’t impressed by fashion items in London.

Then I was gonna go to the Disney Store at Bond Street to get the “FROZEN” dolls for my nieces. I got to the Bond Street and found a department store at once. So I went the entrance, but just then, security buzzer went off!
However no one cared about that at all. It was weird...oh, I know! The security buzzer went off when I left the shop at Angel but I didn’t care much about it because I had just paid and it sometimes happens.

Then I gingerly opened the plastic bag and checked the present which I bought. Guess what! Gobsmacked again! I found a security tag attached. Though I wasn’t a thief, I begun to get worried.

I wondered that the security buzzer would go off again, so I thought I’d better leave there with someone. I checked some exit and I used a revolving door with some people to leave. As I thought, the security buzzer went off but nobody came. I tried to keep a straight face. I did it!

Then I looked for the same shop to have the security tag removed. The store has many branches as many as Starbucks. I thought I might find it near here.
"Great!" The shop was 50m from the department store! I got the plastic bag and the bill ready.

I: I bought these at Angel but the staff forgot to remove this security tag . Could you remove it?

She checked the bill and tried to remove it but the sensor of the store didn’t work.

Staff: Sorry, I suppose that the sensor might be different depending on each store. You should go to the Angel again to remove it.

I: No way! I have to go back to Japan. Could you cut this?

S: Sorry, darling. You should go to the Angel shop.

I: OK. Thanks.

I was a bit fed up but I gave up arguing because she was not wrong. I left the shop and set off to the Disney store.

Then the second gate came, I entered the entrance with some people again, but the security buzzer didn’t go off! I felt relieved and I could take time to choose. Phew!

After that, I came straight back to my residence and snipped off the ends of care label where the security tag was attached. And Bob’s your uncle!

Episode 3 :Un-bloody-believable ! ★My trip to London (English version)