You back from Osaka.


Do you know this word French word "Cliche". Sometimes we use that in English Chihe. Kind of means something which everybody says it's not really true for example...people from Osaka are funny. We say that but it isn't really true. Some of my clients from Osaka they aren't funny at all they are opossit of funny but that's cliche. What do you think? Is that true?

I have an evidence!

Oh! You have an evidence.OK! (笑)

Because I took a video of Osaka interview.

Oh! Did you? OK! Cool. Is it herarious?

Uh....I think Tokyo video is very Tokyo, It's sophisticate and cool! But Osaka is funny.

You intervied someone?

Not someone.



Wow! OK. Group interview? Show me!


Oh! So professional. Watching TV now!

Is it Osaka country side?

No,it's Shizuoka.

So funny!

(笑) Very Osaka! 


Oh! You fall. Too funny.

Yes. I said,"Did you?" but He said, "No".

Ah ha! He's like a Rakugo-guy.

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