We are talking about my trip to Brooklyn at my English convention school.


Be careful with your jet lag.
Oh, I'm leaving Japan at 4 PM. I will arrive at 4 PM in NY on the same day.
But the flight is 12 hours so your brain is going to be totally confused. So usually how long is your day?
I sleep for eight hours everyday.
So usually your day is 16 hours long. So I don't know what you can do to try to.
I should go to bed immediately.
But one thing you can do is the week before you go, you start to change your routine.
Oh, recently I go to a cafe every day because Brooklyn there are a lot of cafe so I do nomad worker in Tokyo every day.
I've started changing my routine. I try to blog within ten minutes. I have the CALLAN Lesson every day.
But I mean you should change your timing to New York time before you go. You want to be fresh when you get to New York. New York behind or in front?
It's 3 AM. You should be in bed now.
I try to sleep.(lol)
Because if you don't, you are going to be tired every day it's difficult to be a writer.
Exactly. (lol) Thank you for your tips.

p.s. I blogged this article by using voice typing.